It wouldn’t make any sense for me to write about laying out your goals and your plans and not set any of my own, now would it? This is here more so for myself to provide me a detailed reminder of what it is that I’m trying to do on this blog.
There are a few things that I want to get out of working on this project of mine.

1) I want this blog to become a reliable source of knowledge for myself and for others, starting with the areas of economics and finance (both corporate and personal). Having been an economics student, tutor, and teacher, I’ve come to realize that there’s a lack of quality free instructional material on these subjects online. There are plenty of places that have a ton of information, but they aren’t comprised in a way that will teach you the subject from the ground up. I want to fix that. Once I’ve covered these two subjects thoroughly, I’ll be branching out into other things as well, but I’ll start with these two.

2) Not only do I want this blog to be a reliable source, I want it to be the premier source for this kind of information. I want it to be the go to place for people who want to understand economics and finance. I’m looking to dominate the page rankings for certain keywords with this blog. At the end of one year, I want to be in the top ten search results for those keywords in all three major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). At the end of two years, I want to be ranked number one in those search results. In the third year I want to maintain my lead, if not grow it.

3) While teaching people and watching light bulbs spark in other peoples’ minds brings a warm feeling to my heart, that warm feeling won’t pay my bills for me. I’d like to be compensated for my time so I want this blog to provide me with a reliable stream of income. I don’t expect it to become my primary source of earnings, but the more I earn the better. In three years, I would like to be earning somewhere along the lines of $1000/mo from advertising and potentially affiliate programs, if I deem those programs appropriate and relevant.

4) I want my writing to improve. Ever since I’ve graduated from high school, I’ve been slowly losing my ability to write creatively. Ever since I’ve graduated from college, I’ve been losing my ability to write academically. I want this blog to become a catalyst for improving both. During my revisions, I can see how rough around the edges some of my writings are and it makes me want to not post things. But I know that if I never post, I’ll never write and if I never write, I’ll never improve. I’m aiming to put up at least 300 quality posts a year.
I bought three years worth of hosting for this blog so I’ll lay out a three year plan. I’ll be conducting an in depth evaluation once a year to see how much progress has been made, whether or not I’m on track, and determine if I need to revise anything.

Commitment: Since this project is new and exciting to me, I’m willing to invest a lot of time and effort in the beginning (I’m also currently unemployed, so that helps). I’m aiming to work on this project for eight to ten hours a day. After a few months of setting up, establishing routines, and getting a better feel of how things work, I’ll taper off the work load down to four to five hours a day. As far as I can tell at the moment, I’ll be tackling this project by myself for the next three years. At the end of three years, I’ll reevaluate how things are going and decide whether or not I want to hire staff writers/bring other people into this project.

Quality Control: The success of this site revolves entirely around its content so my main focus will be providing quality content. In order to achieve that, everything that I write will go three a minimum of three revisions before being posted, with at least 24 hours passing between revisions.

3 Month Plan
-Focus mainly on the creation of content at this stage. Every day I’ll be spending most of my time creating lesson plans, writing posts, and revising them.
-Aim is to post at least one econ/finance related lesson a day.
-Secondary objective: focus on marketing and search engine optimization, looking for ways to make my blog known to the world. At this stage, I’ll mainly be looking up blog carnivals that I can participate in.

6 Month Plan
-Begin shifting some of my focus from content creation to website maintenance and design.
-Familiarize myself with the WordPress settings and the plugins that are available to me.
-Find a suitable layout that I’m happy with.

1st Year Plan
-After six months, I’ll have a fair amount of content on this blog to work with so I’ll begin focusing more and more heavily learning about search engine optimization and on marketing.
-Use advertising credits available to me to get an injection of page views.
-Conduct more and more word of mouth and social media marketing as time goes on.
-Be careful not take too much time away from writing though, as I still have a 300 quality post count to hit (as outlined in the goals section).

2nd Year Plan
-Continue with quality control and posting, resulting in over 600 posts that relate to learning about economics or finance.
-In addition to current marketing endeavors, begin approaching people that I know in the education system that teach economics/finance in both high school and college to tell about this site and how it could potentially serve as a resource for students.
-Create a list of connections that I have and a list of connections that I want to make and begin establishing these relationships early on.

3rd Year Plan
-While still maintaining the 300 econ/finance related posts a year, begin to branch out and post more frequently on other topics.
-Continue word of mouth/viral marketing/social media campaign.
-Conduct in depth research in economics and finance to stay on top of my field.
-Maintain or improve my search rankings.
I know I have a tendency to binge on my projects; they’ll be on the only thing that I focus on for hours on end for a few months, then I’ll burn out and never return to it again. Because I know this is a problem that might also come up with this blog, I need to find people who will help make sure that I don’t quit on this blog six months down the line. I currently have eight different people in mind that I plan on asking to help keep me on track. I’ll sit down with them once a week/once a month (I’ll be meeting with different people at different intervals) and have them evaluate what I’m doing, the progress I’m making, and whether or not I’m staying true to my goals. They’ll also be evaluating my website and the quality of my writings to see what needs to be changed and how I can improve.

In addition to my friends I also have you, my readers, to keep me accountable. I have gone public with my goals so should I fail, all of the internet will know about it. (You probably don’t care, but the point is that you’ll know.)
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